The e8051 is the fastest available 8051/8052 embedded microcontroller core for ASICs and FPGAs, achieving peak processing speeds of up to 300 Mips in ASICs and up to or above 130 Mips in FPGAs (equivalent to 3.6 GHz/1.5 GHz clock rates in a conventional 8051)

A free evaluation kit download is available for running small test programs at full speed in the user's own target hardware. Adding a high-performance 8051 microcontroller to a project has never been easier,  the e8051 block is simply dropped into the design, and programs developed using standard software tools.

The 8051 is the world's most popular 8-bit controller, widely used in control, interface and communications. The e8051, first licensed in 1996, has one of the longest track records of any high-speed embedded 8051 IP. A version of the e8051 core is used in the highly regarded Dallas Semiconductor DS89C450 ultra fast stand-alone microcontrollers, and in other well known devices.

The e8051 core has the following features:-

e8051 KITS

The e8051 microcontroller core is available in two software kit forms, the free evaluation kit and the full product. Both kits include a complete example design for an embeddable microcontroller incorporating the e8051 core, plus full documentation, and are suitable for any VHDL-based FPGA or ASIC development platform.

The free evaluation kit is the low-risk way to develop and test hardware without committing to the full product. Its full-speed core will execute test programs of up to 256 bytes. To upgrade to the full core is simply a matter of substituting one netlist file for another.

Both kits come with support and documentation for use with a readily available low-cost Xilinx "Spartan" FPGA development board. This gives an immediate hardware breadboarding capability, and will execute 8051 software at up to 90 Mips. Use with any other FPGA or ASIC platform, such as Actel, Altera, Atmel or Lattice is equally simple.


The e8051 core can be successfully implemented at the following clock rates:-

Xilinx Spartan FPGA development system using free Xilinx software only: up to 90MHz (90 Mips), (depends on rams and other resources used).

Xilinx Virtex FPGA: up to 130MHz (130Mips).

ASIC: up to 300MHz (300Mips).


The kits contain everything the user needs to understand and embed the microcontroller system, including the processor core and example top-level files for connecting it with memories, program rom, pin-port drivers, etc. All example files are suitable for modification by the user as necessary to customise the microcontroller for his own product. Top-level files are provided where appropriate in three forms to suit different ways of working:
   - as Orcad schematics, viewable using Orcad free demonstration software, or compilable to VHDL using Orcad Capture
   - as schematics viewable in PDF and Microsoft Word form
   - as pure VHDL files
The user can easily recreate the schematics in his own schematic editor if preferred.

Also included are: an example auto-baud-rate-detecting "bootrom" program in assembler code, enabling real-time hardware programmability via the serial port in the example or other hardware; and an executable to convert Intel Hex files from the compiler or assembler of the user's choice to standard VHDL rom modules.

More information can be found in Deliverables.


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